About Us

Networking to build quality business relationships, to expand opportunities, and to help make a difference in our community and in our members’ lives.

The Scottsdale Business Association (SBA) is a diverse network of business and professional people who are committed to improving business opportunities for themselves and fellow members through cooperative support, mutual patronage, and the exchange of qualified business referrals. Members meet weekly to exchange leads and to share information about their business.

We emphasize relationships and trust-building over rote passing of referrals. This differentiates us from most other business networking groups.

The SBA expressly seeks a diversity of businesses for its membership. Membership, however, is carefully balanced to avoid conflicts of business areas among SBA members. This fosters the noncompetitive, mutually supportive atmosphere that characterizes the association and optimizes business opportunities within it.

Member businesses must have a proven reputation for competence, integrity and good business ethics. In this way, members are assured that referring their valuable clients to fellow SBA members will enhance their own business name.

The strength of the Scottsdale Business Association lies in the members’ commitment to each other and in the high business standards the members represent individually. For more information on the Scottsdale Business Association, please email us at our contact page.